Phish Bowl

Use this list to see some phishing (fake) emails that have been spotted at The University of New Mexico.

Below you'll find some examples of phishing emails seen on campus. If you get a suspicious email but don't see it listed here, Do NOT assume it is safe. There are many variants of every phish, and new ones are sent each day. When in doubt, contact us.

Report suspected phishes to the Information Security & Privacy Office

Forward the email message as an attachment or otherwise, include headers to If you need help forwarding the email message as an attachment, see our FAQ entitled, "You asked me to send an email message as an attachment, how do I do that?" 

For more information, see FastInfo #3266: What is Phishing?

Report an Incident

If you suspect that your NetID (i.e. LoboMail account) or a computer have been compromised and you need to know what to do, please see our FAQ

Abuse Report Form

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Help.UNM Self Service

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+1 (505) 277-2497

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UNM EthicsPoint

For more information, visit our Contact Information page

Learn how to identify phishing emails.

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Don't Get Hooked 

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