UNM Host Naming Convention (Endpoints)

Naming Conventions

This document defines a standard naming convention for endpoints.  The naming convention combines a fixed-length series of designators to arrive at a name.

The simplest overall format of the convention designators is as follows:

SSSS = Service Administrator Designator
T = Device Type Designator
NNNNNNN = Manufacturer Serial Number

ENT + W + SEP + MGT + P + 01 for ENTWSEPMGTP01

The resulting hostname should be 15-character (maximum) text string that is well supported as a hostname or alias by all current TCP/IP and DNS standards.

This standard implies that all existing objects shall be renamed as a matter of course. All legacy, non-compliant names shall be modified to reflect the naming convention standard. All new or "green field" builds shall comply with the following naming standard.

This standard is comprehensively prescriptive. The designators identified within are prescriptive for the uses defined, but it is to be assumed that more designators will need to be defined as part of the normal course of business at UNM.  In that event, the naming convention framework defined here shall be followed to define new designators.

Service Administrator Designator

A two (2) to four (4) character designator shall be used to allow immediate identification of the service administrator of a host.


  • SSSS = Service Administrator Designator


  • CARC = Center for Advanced Research Computing
  • ISPO = Information Security & Privacy Office
  • IT = Information Technologies
  • UL = University Libraries


  • The Service Administrator Designator shall be taken from the UNM Enterprise Active Directory (AD) Organizational Unit (OU) names, where there are four (4) characters or less.
  • Where AD OU names are longer than four characters, an abbreviated OU name shall be used (ex. ‘Enterprise’ would be shortened to ‘ENT’).
  • Initialisms and acronyms shall be capitalized. (Ex. CARC, ISPO, IT, UL etc.).
  • Services names and descriptions shall not contain underscores or CamelCase.

Device Type Designator 

A one (1) character designator shall be used to designate device type.  The following are EXAMPLES:


Sequence Number


Desktop (or workstation)




Mobile device


Virtual machine


Manufacturer Serial Number Designator 

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