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Contact Information

Contact MethodPurpose
  • Minor incident reporting
  • Service Requests
  • Minor incident reporting
  • Third party incident reporting

Abuse Reporting Form

  • Systems, network, or account abuse reporting
  • Privacy-related issues
(505) 277-2497
  • Major incident reporting
  • Direct contact with ISPO staff
  • Internal or third party reporting

UNM Compliance Hotline

1 (888) 899-6092


Report an Incident

If you suspect that your NetID (i.e. LoboMail account) or a computer have been compromised and you need to know what to do, please see our FAQ

Abuse Report Form

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Help.UNM Self Service

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(505) 277-2497

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UNM EthicsPoint

For more information, visit our Contact Information page