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2020 Information Privacy and Security Awareness Training (Mandatory)

UNM launched an online training that helps students, faculty, and staff to familiarize themselves with privacy principles and also helps them to better recognize attacks against their UNM accounts.  Our NetIDs and email accounts are gateways to accessing all of our Personally Identifiable Information stored in UNM systems.  When we recognize and report suspicious email messages and web sites, we help protect the privacy of our own information and the information of our fellow students and co-workers.

This brief, mandatory training provides essential information for protecting our accounts and our privacy.  More information about the training content can be found in the Awareness Training section of this site.

Report an Incident

If you suspect that your NetID (i.e. LoboMail account) or a computer have been compromised and you need to know what to do, please see our FAQ

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