Principles & Practices

A brief review of the principles and practices outlined at this site brings realization of the enormity of the work required to protect privacy. This work begins with an inventory of information and follows through with assessment, policy and best practice tools. They are intended to act as a guideline for handling the information collected from the UNM community in the process of providing UNM services. From this, formal UNM Privacy Policy and Program scaffolding will be developed.

UNM policies are found in the University Business Policies and Procedures Manual. As of 2008, UNM has a policy for information security — 2550 Information Security. As institutional policy for privacy is developed for that manual, it will be referenced at this site.

Special thanks to Tracy Mitrano and the Privacy and Security Professionals at Cornell University, for developing excellent materials, and for letting UNM borrow so liberally from them in the development of our own Information Privacy Program.

Report a Privacy Concern

If you suspect that your, or someone else's information has been exposed or shared without consent, or that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is being collected inappropriately, submit a report to one of the following:

Help.UNM Self Service

- or -

- or -

+1 (505) 277-2497

- or -

UNM EthicsPoint

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